Via Sacra Artemis


Via Sacra Artemis – The Sacret Way Of Artemis


A wonderful journey amid the rich geography of Ephesus…


A hiking route of 32 kilometres between the South-East gate of Ephesus and Magnesia ad Maeandrum has been determined after many years of intensive research and exploratory treks by our guide Özgür AYDOĞAN. In ancient times, the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, attracted many visitors to the city of Ephesus. For centuries the destination maintained its importance and hosted people from many civilizations who came to make sacrifices at the Artemision. Until recently, local Turks have called this pathway “the Infidel’s way” because of the Christian pilgrims who visited Virgin Mary’s House, and the Tomb and Basilica of St John. Part of the way is cut from the rocky hillside and is known now as “the Royal Road”. Initially built only for people to walk along, the roadway was reconstructed and expanded to allow carts drawn by horses or oxen, later camel trains, and eventually motor vehicles. Latterly, continual use by motor vehicles on asphalt roads is pushing these ancient ways into historical oblivion. One of the most important and remarkable sections of the ancient road is the part which links Ephesus with the Artemision. This section is known as VIA SACRA, or Sacred Way. Ephesians walked this route on May 5th of every year, with their priests, to mark the birth of the goddess Artemis. This has inspired us to develop the road as a hiking route between Ephesus and Magnesia, each of which boasted a Temple of Artemis. This route, which we call Ephesus Sacred Way, offers a wealth of beauty to guests whether for a day’s walk or a camping expedition. It’s not just a trek, but a wonderful journey to the ancient world. You have the chance to sate yourself with green and other colours of wildlife. It will be a really memorable journey amid the rich geography of Ephesus.


About the route
Difficulty: moderate. Distance: 32 km (20 miles)
If you have the necessary equipment and adequate hiking experience, an unforgettable adventure awaits you. There are some signs along the route but it is not recommended you go alone unless you are very experienced. So please don’t start this hike without a guide since the route can be tricky. The way runs roughly parallel with the Izmir – Aydin Highway, with altitudes between 9 and 278 metres, offering some amazing views such as the ancient Roman road, forest roads, pathways, caravan route, creek beds, and lush green vegetation. The best destination for campers is around Çamlık village.


Places you can visit along the route from Ephesus to Magnesia
The Temple of Artemis (One of the Seven Wonders of the World) 37°56’58.94″N / 27°21’49.88″W
Pre-Ottoman Tomb of the Aydinoglu period
37°56’55.97″N / 27°21’47.19″W
Seven Sleepers (Ashab-ı Kehf)
37°56’37.45″N / 27°21’14.25″W
The Ancient City of Ephesus (Upper Gate)
37°56’8.48″N / 27°20’44.10″W
Ceremonial Way (Via Sacra Ephesia)
37°56’37.45″N / 27°21’14.25″W
Çukuriçi Tumulus
Relief of Human Figures
37°55’34.25″N / 27°21’5.91″W

Ortygia Aqueduct (Roman period)
37°55’12.76″N / 27°20’57.48″W
Cistern of the Aydinoglu period
37°55’25.29″N / 27°21’31.39″W
Acarlar Village
37°54’55.80″N / 27°21’47.44″W
Marnas Valley
Marnas Creek
Pollio Aqueduct
37°54’0.37″N / 27°22’6.45″W
New and Old Railway
Çamlık Village
37°53’8.14″N / 27°22’54.77″W
Çamlık Steam Train Museum
37°53’7.92″N / 27°22’49.28″W
Atatürk’s House in Çamlık
37°53’9.89″N / 27°22’51.54″W
Section of Roman road
Ancient Canal Path
Ancient Paved Road
Gümüş Dağı (Mount Thorax)
Naipli Village
37°52’53.02″N / 27°28’16.46″W
Eski Ortaklar (Ruins of the village of Börklüce Mustafa)
Aqueduct pathway
37°52’57.10″N / 27°28’58.85″W
Gümüşköy (Spa)
37°51’37.44″N / 27°29’27.66″W
Ancient City of Magnesia with its Great Stadium
37°51’9.53″N / 27°31’41.96″W


Accommodation, shops & food
There are dozens of places of interest to explore in the Selcuk area, so your visit will be much more enjoyable if you stay at least one night in the town. There are plenty of options for accommodation in the town centre and the market area has scores of shops offering attractive gifts and souvenirs. The options for eating will suit every taste and budget.


Places to visit around Selcuk
Belevi Mausoleum
Byzantine Aqueduct
Cemal Özkaynak Memorial Home
Çetin Model Village
The Ancient City of Ephesus (B. C. 6000 in Stone Age)
Ephesus Museum in Selçuk
İsa Bey Mosque (Pre*Ottoman 1375.)
İsabey Baths
Goat Castle (on Mt Gallesion)
Kümbetler (Time of Principalities in Anatolia)
Virgin Mary House
Saadet Hatun Baths
Selçuk Town Museum
Selçuk Castle
Selçuk Bird Sanctuary
The Basilica of St. John the Evangelist
Şehabettin Sivasi Tomb
Şirince Village (Known as Last site of Ephesus, Old Greek Village)
Train Station (Award-Winning)


Festival of Selçuk-Efes Camel Wrestling
Awarded “most popular and best organization” by Camel Wrestling Committee Time: Third Sunday of January Place: Pamucak Coast
Festival of St. John Time: First Sunday of May
International Festival of Selçuk-Ephesus Culture and Art Tourism and Independence Time: September Place: The Center of Town


By Highway: Selçuk is located on the İzmir-Aydın Highway D550.
By Air: Adnan Menderes Airport at İzmir,
then take shuttle or train to Selçuk
By Sea: Kuşadası Port at İzmir.
By Railway: The İzmir – Denizli train stops in Izmir airport and Selçuk


Guide of Artemis Sacred Way: +90 554 696 44 49 – +90 542 584 53 87


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